A new password reset process was implemented in 2020 for all GCU students and faculty. This password reset process enables users to reset their password through the GCU Portal.

If you’ve forgotten your password and cannot complete the initial registration steps on your own, contact Technical Support and we will be happy to send you a temporary password to use for this process!

If you are a preceptor (and not a faculty member), you will utilize the new process but complete it on the Thundertime website instead of through the GCU Portal. After navigating to the ThunderTime website, select the Sign In button in the upper right corner, and then enter your GCU email address to get started. See the steps below for assistance setting up recovery methods and/or resetting your password (start at step 2 in both guides).

The password for your GCU account can be reset through the GCU Portal. You can reset your password at any time, and it will apply to all websites that are tied to your GCU email. The first time you log into the GCU Portal, you will be prompted to set up password recovery options. Refer to the appropriate heading below depending on your circumstances.

For more information visit official source website https://gcuportal.gcu.edu/