How to Deregister Intellimali App/Account

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how to deregister intellimali app from old phone. How to Deregister Intellimali App/Account. IntelliMali is a privately-owned company that specialises in the payment and administration of funds through its solutions IntelliCard and IntelliCell.

It was established in 2009 to alleviate the pressure experienced by Chief Financial Officers and Financial Aid practitioners at South African Higher Education institutions and has grown substantially from this original base.

It is a 51% black-owned company and has a Level 2 B-BBEE status.  The business is managed and administrated by a team of professionals with expertise to meet the specific requirements of our range of clients.

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Most organisations lack the capacity to administer allowances which need to be paid to recipients of the allowance.  Allowances fall within a range of categories including: Tuition, Accommodation, Books, Food, Cash, Travel, Clothing, Fuel, Entertainment, and more…

We offer reliable and instant transaction turnaround time in the administration of these allowances on behalf of the Funder.

Service continuity is ensured with the IntelliMali Master Servers hosted by Internet Solutions and supported by the full array of security and service continuity facilities, including generator power, firewall security, data backup, mirrored sight and disaster recovery.  In addition all point-of-sale machines carry backup batteries and run for about six hours without power.


Intellimali and the client or funder enter into an agreement which enables:

  1. Recipients to access a simple and convenient way to purchase all their necessities and manage their allowance, loan or bursary funds;
  2. Merchants to experience efficient transactions, increased turnover and painless end-of-month reconciliation processes; and
  3. Funders to experience a significant reduction in administrative time and effort in the comprehensive management of allowances.

How to Deregister Intellimali App/Account (how to deregister intellimali app from old phone)

Use a desktop or laptop that will help. Once u login with ur browser then u will be able to diregister. The following below is How to Deregister Intellimali App/Account

How to Deregister Intellimali App/Account
How to Deregister Intellimali App/Account

Enter Login Details

Please be careful when using a shared computer (like at an Internet Cafe).
DO NOT save your password or PIN in the browser.

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  • Visit official website link
  • After page open fill required ddetails that are
    • Enter ID Number
    • PIN
  • Finally, click on Login button for successful login in the system

How to Deregister Intellimali App/Account Login link=>

In case you have forget password resest here

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