Matokeo ya Darasa la nne Zanzibar 2022/2023

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Here we have matokeo ya Darasa la nne Zanzibar 2022/2023, Students who sit for them examinations now can check their marks by name & Examination number.

Zanzibar Primary Education

Primary education should be compulsory, free, and of good quality since it is a level which is accessible to the majority of children. Education at this level is guided by a holistic concept based on the total development of the child with increasing attention to the specific individual learning needs of the child. It is the level at which basic skills of numeracy, literacy, proficiency, and competency are developed and learners are introduced to logical thinking and reasoning. It is at this level that skills for further learning are developed.

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Zanzibar Secondary Education

Secondary education builds upon knowledge and skills already acquired in the primary school. It prepares learners to engage in logical reasoning and provides opportunities to strengthen higher order analysis and basic skills of synthesis. It aims at preparing learners to pursue further education and training according to their interests, abilities and capabilities. Successful completion of secondary education is of paramount importance for employment in the modern economy and for laying foundation for the diversified post-secondary level education

Matokeo ya Darasa la Nne Zanzibar 2022/2023

In order to view the results of Standard four 2022 make sure you follow the following steps carefully.

  1. Get your internet support device
  2. Switch on Internet data in your phone or computer
  3. Go to any browser then click
  4. If you are on a special Moez website Search the area labeled Moez results
  5. Then click the Moez results area
  6. When you are on the page make sure you click on the area marked Matokeo ya darasa la nne 2022 or 2022


For more information visit official website

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