Police Job Vacancies Application Deadline Extended

5 days extended for Police Force Jobs May 2024, Government extends 5 Days to Apply for Tanzania Police Force Jobs May 2024, Apply for Police Force Jobs, Government extends time.

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The government has extended five (5) days to apply for jobs in the Tanzania Police Force where the last day was tomorrow May 16-2024.

This was said in Parliament today May 15-2024 by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hamad Masauni when he was giving an explanation about the statement made in Parliament by the Member of Parliament for Makete, Festo Sanga who used rule number 54 to issue an urgent matter in Parliament.

The rule allows the Member of Parliament to ask the Parliament to suspend its activities and discuss an emergency issue and according to Sanga, the lack of internet in the country has caused many young people to be unable to access the TPF Recruitment Portal to apply for those Jobs.

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The Chairman of the Parliament, Deo Mwanyika has given a guide to the argument by asking the Government to give an explanation then, Minister Msauni has told the Parliament that after the Inateti problem in the country, they have decided to add five days from tomorrow May 16-2024.

Masauni also said that if the internet challenge continues, the Government will look at how to help applicants achieve their goals.

Also, the Minister of Information, Communication and Information Technology, Nape Nnauye has also told the Parliament that the maintenance of the Internet network so far is 80 percent and that by noon it will be 100 percent stable.

On May 09-2024, the Police Force announced various job vacancies for young people with Bachelor’s, Diploma, Sixth and Fourth Forms, while one of the qualifications for the applicant must be a Tanzanian citizen by birth.

According to the information provided by the Police Force Headquarters Dodoma May 09-2024, Among those Vacancies in terms of degree are 74, Diploma 66 and Certificate level (Diploma is 66).

Fields required for each level of Education include Nursing, Pharmacy, Marine Engineering, Computers, Music, Surveying, Sports Management and Administration.

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“Applicants should write letters by hand and do not forget phone numbers and should use the address of the Chief of Police S.L.P 961 Dodoma.

In addition, all applicants should apply through the Police employment system (Tanzania Police Force -Recruitment Portal) available on the army’s website; www.polisi.go.tz and the deadline for receiving those applications was May 16, 2024. Now it will be May 21-2024.

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