SUA Online Application Form 2023/2024

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SUA Online Application Form 2023/2024. Instructions on how to use SUA Online Application System.

SUA Online Application Form 2023/2024

The following below are the instructions for SUA Online Application System:-

For first time applicants:

  • Fill the application form.

On Entry category field:

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i. For Tanzanians:

  • Select Direct Applicant for form six (06) leavers regardless of year of
  • Select Equivalent Applicant for diploma (for degree applicant) or certificate (for
    Diploma applicants) holder.
  • Select Applicants with FTC for applicants with FTC Certificates

ii. For Foreigners:

  •  Select Equivalent Applicant.
    You can log out at any stage after registration and log in later to complete the


  • Fields with (*) are mandatory.
  •  Mobile numbers should be written in this format 0XXXXXXXXX example
    0788347788 or 0657556678.

Existing applicants.

These are applicants who have already registered to a system.

  • Use username and password obtained from previous registration to login to the
    system at any time.
  1. NECTA FORM Four and FORM Six Index Numbers should be written in the following  format: S0XXX/XXXX/YYYY or P0XXX/XXXX/YYYY. Example: S0750/0023/2013 or P0750/0023/2017.
  2. An applicant will be able to Login after completing Registration.
  3. Registration enables applicant to create account in this system and obtain Username and Password.
  4. Registration should only be done once. After completion, applicant should only Login using obtained username and password.
  5. When logged in applicant will be able to make application fee payment and complete the application.
  6. Online application will only be visible for filling once application fee is paid using a CONTROL NUMBER that will be provided.
  7. In order to successfully complete the application; an applicant is required to complete all steps from Home to Submit your application

Note: Applicant’s Username will be auto generated by a system after application submission and will appear in the following format: NECTA FORM Four Index Number followed by a year of application, i.e.

S0XXX/XXXX/yyyy/YYYY or P0XXX/XXXX/yyyy/YYYY e.g S0751/0023/2016/2020 or P0751/0023/2016/2020

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An applicant is advised to change password into an easy to remember password so as to avoid inconveniences.


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