Top 17 Fox News female reporters 2023

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Fox News female reporters 2023. Fox News is well-known for the men in its lineup, but there are also some female hosts and anchors that deserve your attention.

Fox News female reporters 2023

Here’s a list of some of the top women on Fox News (Fox News female reporters 2022):-

Janice Dean

Janice Dean is an American meteorologist who works as a weather anchor for Fox News Channel. She’s been a meteorologist for over 25 years and has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN and The Weather Channel.

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She graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science, where she won several awards for her studies in atmospheric science.

In 2019, Janice was named one of the most influential women in weather by WeatherBrains (a “community of professional communicators who are passionate about sharing their experiences” related to climate change). She also earned an American Meteorological Society seal of approval after completing coursework that meets AMS-mandated requirements regarding scientific literacy, leadership skills and community service.

Laura Ingle

Laura Ingle is a Fox News Channel anchor. She is the co-host of Fox Report with Shepard Smith. She is also an anchor for Fox News Radio. She was previously a CNN and MSNBC anchor before joining Fox News Channel in 2005.

Ingle graduated from Wheaton College with a bachelor’s degree in communication and political science and then went on to graduate from Northwestern University with a master’s degree in journalism.

Dana Perino

Dana Perino is a Fox News Channel political contributor and former White House Press Secretary. She was appointed to the position of Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff in 2007 by then-President George W. Bush. After serving as press secretary for two years, she became co-host of Fox News’ talk show The Five in 2011, where she currently works with Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Bob Beckel and Greg Gutfeld.

Perino started her career as an aide at Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform group before moving on to become a special assistant to President George H.W Bush in 1992 when he was running for re-election against Bill Clinton (he lost). In 1994 she started working on Capitol Hill as legislative director for Rep Dan Coats (R) from Indiana; after that she left politics for media work at ABC News until 2003 when she moved back into politics as deputy press secretary under George W Bush

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Ainsley Earhardt

Ainsley Earhardt is a Fox News anchor and host of Fox & Friends First. Earhardt was born in South Carolina, where she grew up. In 1993, she was crowned Miss South Carolina Teen USA and competed at the Miss Teen USA competition. That same year, she won first place in both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions at the Miss America pageant.

She went on to be crowned Miss South Carolina USA in 1994 and competed at that year’s Miss USA pageant where she placed second runner up behind Kimberly Pressler–who later returned her crown when it was revealed that she had partied with another contestant after hours during preliminary events for that year’s pageant.

After winning these titles, Earhardt went on to host various cable networks including MSNBC (where she hosted shows called Morning Joe), CNN Headline News (where she hosted Ainsley Across America) before landing at FNC as one of their top female anchors alongside Shep Smith,

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Bret Baier and Chris Wallace among others! Her current role involves reporting live from special events including presidential inaugurations as well as doing interviews with lawmakers inside Washington DC headquarters every day Monday through Friday while appearing on television every night Monday through Thursday nights around 9pm ET/PT each weeknight during prime time hours along with fellow co-host Brian Kilmeade who also happens to be one half of their morning show duo sometimes known simply as ‘Kilmeade & Ainsley’ due to his close relationship with her husband Frank Luntz (who makes frequent appearances on air).

Melissa Francis

Melissa Francis is a former anchor and reporter for Fox Business Network. She is currently a host on the Fox News Channel, where she has been since 2008. In addition to her hosting duties at Fox News, Francis also serves as a contributor to Fox News Radio and hosts two weekly podcast series: “The Five Count” and “All Things Considered.”

In addition to hosting duties at both networks, Francis has written two books: Get Off the Couch: The Small Steps That Can Change Your Life (2011) and All About Women (2013).

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Martha MacCallum

Martha MacCallum is an American television news anchor and political commentator. She hosts America’s Newsroom, a weekday morning show on Fox News Channel. Previously, she was co-host of The Live Desk, and prior to that a panelist on the weekend edition of The Five. She was also a correspondent for On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.

In 2002, MacCallum joined FNC as a Washington D.C.-based correspondent for Fox News Sunday and Fox Business Network’s Cavuto on Business program. She became host of On the Record in 2005 after Eason Jordan left FNC due to controversy over his remarks about Israel and Iraq. After six years in that position, she moved to New York City where she began hosting The Live Desk alongside Jon Scott[8] in 2011.

Trace Gallagher

Trace Gallagher is a Fox News reporter, who currently anchors the weekend edition of “Fox & Friends” and serves as the lead correspondent for “America’s News HQ.” He briefly served as host of both “The Big Story” and “Fox News Live.”

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Gallagher graduated from the University of Nevada with a degree in broadcast journalism. He was hired by KLAS-TV, where he worked as a general assignment reporter. In 2013, he joined Fox News Channel’s Los Angeles bureau to work as an international correspondent.

Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith is a Fox News anchor. She was born in Canada and has a bachelor’s degree in political science. She is married to Jim Hoffer, who is also a Fox News anchor.

In 2007, Sandra Smith replaced Laura Ingraham on the show The Live Desk with Shepard Smith following her move to FNC’s primetime lineup as host of The O’Reilly Factor after Bill O’Reilly’s departure from the network. In October 2013, she joined Bret Baier as co-host of Special Report With Bret Baier replacing Shannon Bream and Chris Stirewalt when they became Fox News Channel’s political analysts and contributors respectively (Chris Stirewalt rejoined Special Report later that year).

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Heather Childers

Heather Childers is a news anchor for Fox and Friends First and previously served as the weekday morning news anchor for Fox & Friends. Prior to this, she was a reporter for WFLA-TV in Tampa and also spent time at WTSP-TV in Tampa. She has also worked with NBC News as well as MSNBC during her career.

Childers was crowned Miss Virginia in 1995 and went on to be crowned Miss America 1996 later that year. She graduated from James Madison University where she was a member of Kappa Delta sorority, Phi Beta Kappa academic honor society, Alpha Chi national college honor society and Who’s Who Among Students In American Universities And Colleges

Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee is a Fox News anchor and co-anchor of America’s News Headquarters. She also served as an anchor for Fox and Friends from 2007 to 2010, and has been a contributor to the network since 2008. Prior to joining Fox News, Lee was a reporter for WCCO in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2000 with a degree in English literature.

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Kelly Wright

Kelly Wright is a news anchor on Fox News. He was born in New York City and raised in the Bronx, where he went to high school at Cardinal Hayes High School. He then graduated from Howard University in Washington D.C., where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree.

He started working for WNBC-TV as an intern and then became a producer for the show “Ebony/Jet Showcase” which aired on BET Networks. Kelly Wright also worked as an associate producer for “The Montel Williams Show” before getting hired as a reporter for WNYW (Fox 5) in New York City in 2001

Shannon Bream

Shannon Bream is the anchor of Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream. She was previously a correspondent for the Fox News Channel since 2001 and the first female anchor of a prime-time news show on Fox News.

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Molly Line

Molly Line is a Fox News anchor and former attorney. She was born in Iowa and grew up in Nebraska, where she won the title of Miss America USA in 1997. The following year, she was crowned Miss Nebraska USA and went on to compete at Miss America 2000, where she finished as fourth runner-up behind future ABC News correspondent Lara Spencer.

After graduating from Creighton University School of Law with her J.D., Line practiced family law before moving on to television news.

Martha MacCalum

Martha MacCallum joined Fox News in 2004 as a New York-based correspondent. She was co-anchor of “America’s Newsroom” from 2010 to 2012, and has hosted a number of other shows over the years, including “The Live Desk.” In 2017, she became a co-host of “The Story with Martha MacCallum” alongside Bret Baier.

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Born in Ohio, MacCallum grew up wanting to be an actress but decided against it after graduating from Northwestern University with degrees in theater and communications. While working as an anchor at WNYW (a local FOX station) in New York City, she met Bill O’Reilly who told her about Fox News’s plans for expansion into prime time programming with Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly as hosts and Andrea Tantaros as producer.

When Tantaros left to join FNC’s sister station CNBC (where she would later be dismissed), MacCallum was promoted by Roger Ailes to fill the vacant position on The Live Desk before becoming an anchor on America’s Newsroom two years later

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly is an American journalist, political commentator, and former corporate defense attorney. She formerly hosted the nightly news program America Live on the Fox News Channel (FNC). Previously, Kelly hosted America’s Newsroom on FNC and was one of three co-hosts of The Five.

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She also occasionally provided legal analysis on Special Report with Bret Baier. On July 1, 2017, it was announced that she would leave Fox News to join NBC News and MSNBC in September 2017 as a host of her own program where she will be doing “in-depth investigative reports for all platforms” including “experimenting with broadcast formats never before seen on either network.”

Harris Faulkner

Harris Faulkner is a news anchor and host for Fox News. She also hosts the network’s show Outnumbered. Faulkner has been working at Fox News since 2007, when she joined as a legal analyst for O’Reilly Factor before becoming one of its hosts in 2010.

She has also hosted several other shows for the network, including The Live Desk with Kate Bolduan, Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner and Cashin In’.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a co-host of Fox and Friends. She left The View after six seasons and joined the cast in 2012.

Hasselbeck is married to former NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, who played for the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers. Together they have three sons: Taylor (born 2000), Isaiah (born 2001) and Justin (born 2003).

Hasselbeck was a college basketball player at Boston College where she graduated magna cum laude in 1997 with a degree in English literature. She also won the Miss Massachusetts Teen USA pageant in 1993; she later competed in the 1994 Miss Teen USA pageant as Miss Pennsylvania USA but did not place among the top 10 semi-finalists that year or in 1995 when she again competed as Miss Pennsylvania USA.

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I hope you enjoyed this list of some of the best female hosts and anchors on Fox News. It’s great to see so many women working in a field that has traditionally been dominated by men, but it would be even better if we didn’t have to highlight them as “female reporters 2023″ because they are simply good at their jobs.

I think it’s important for women everywhere who are trying to make their way in a male dominated industry like journalism or engineering or whatever else they want to do in life.

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