Corrie Bird: Unveiling the Life of Larry Bird’s Daughter

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Corrie Bird, the daughter of basketball legend Larry Bird, has managed to maintain a relatively low profile despite her famous lineage. Born from Larry Bird’s one-year marriage to Janet Condra, Corrie’s life has been shielded from the spotlight, allowing her to carve her own path away from the glare of celebrity.

Corrie Bird Profile Summary

Corrie Bird

The following below is Profile Summary Of Corrie Bird
  • Full name: Corrie Diane Bird Batson
  • Date of birth: 14th August 1977
  • Age: 46
  • Place of birth: Brazil, Indiana
  • Mother: Janet Condra Hargrave
  • Father: Larry Bird
  • Siblings: Mandy, Conner Bird, and Mariah Bird
  • Educational Institutions attended: Indiana state university and Wesleyan Indiana University
  • Occupation: health care manager
  • Spouse: Trent Theopolis Batson
  • Children: Two including Violet and Sebastien

Early Life and Background

Corrie was born on 14th August 1977 in Brazil, Indiana. Growing up in the shadow of her iconic father, she experienced a childhood marked by both privilege and the challenges of being the offspring of a sports legend. Although Larry Bird is widely celebrated for his achievements on the basketball court, Corrie has chosen a more private existence.

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Education and Career

Little is known about Corrie’s educational background and career pursuits. Like her father, she might have shown an interest in basketball, or she could have pursued entirely different passions. It’s not uncommon for individuals with famous parents to seek fulfillment outside of their family’s spotlight.

Family Dynamics

Larry Bird’s relationships and family life have been relatively private, with details about Corrie and her relationship with her father not widely disclosed to the public. Larry’s one-year marriage to Janet Condra marked a brief chapter in his personal life, and the details surrounding Corrie’s upbringing during this period remain elusive.

Maintaining Privacy

In an era where celebrity children often find themselves thrust into the limelight, Corrie Bird has chosen a different path. Her commitment to maintaining a low profile is commendable, especially considering the constant scrutiny that often accompanies the offspring of public figures.

Legacy and Influence

While Corrie Bird might not have actively sought the public eye, her very existence ties her to one of the most iconic figures in basketball history. The legacy of Larry Bird undoubtedly casts a significant shadow, but Corrie’s decision to lead a private life underscores her desire for independence and individuality.


In a world captivated by celebrity culture, Corrie Bird’s deliberate choice to remain out of the public eye speaks volumes about her character. As the daughter of a basketball legend, she navigates life with a quiet determination to define her own narrative. While details about her personal and professional life may be scarce, Corrie Bird stands as a testament to the idea that one’s identity can be shaped independently of famous lineage.

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