How to fix Halo Infinite Twitch Drops not working

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Are you among the player who face this issue of Halo Infinite Twitch Drops not working or showing up. Here we have solution you can fix it. So keep in touch with us to read word to word.

Halo Infinite is a brand update. The latest Halo game is free to play and a fun game with fun fans. The creators always reward fans for their loyalty to Twitch Drops, a system that rewards players for watching broadcastsor streams

Halo Infinite Twitch Drops not working, How to fix it
How to fix Halo Infinite Twitch Drops not working.

How to fix Halo Infinite Twitch Drops not working

The following below are the ways you can use to fix the issue of  Halo Infinite Twitch Drops not working/ Not receiving Reward :-

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If you gace Halo Infinite Twitch Drops receiving not working just tyr to link and unlink waypoint before an action or event since rewards might forward or send to the corrupt link.

2. Detach 343 Industries

It seems to be a bug with the game where rewards were basically lost into the void.

  • Go to your Twitch settings,
  • Proceed to connected accounts,
  • Break the connection of 343 Industries from your current Twitch account.
  • At the moment move to waypoint and unlink your current Twitch account from there.
  • Then brand new Twitch account mist be created,
  • Then link the new account Twitch  to your Waypoint account
  • From there  watch the stream for an hour on Twitch account created (New),
  • Then after claim the reward after an hour.

NOTE: Before you reap the rewards, make sure your new Twitch account is linked to your Waypoint! Many people ask for rewards before linking their Twitch accounts correctly and their rewards are never used.

How to Receive Halo Infinite Twitch Drops

You will need to connect your account to Twitch so as to get Halo Infinite Twitch drops. Up to now the Halo Infinite Twitch drops include

  • HCS Launch Sidekick,
  • HCS Launch Battle Rifle,
  • HCS Launch Assault Rifle,
  • HCS Launch Yoroi,
  • HCS Launch MK VII, HCS Launch MK V.
  • Rewards can be collected in the form of Twitch drops.

Below are the some of things you ne interested to search too.

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  • Halo Infinite Twitch Prime
  • Halo Twitch drops
  • Halo Infinite redeem code
  • Halo Waypoint redeem code
  • Twitch prime Halo Infinite rewards

In general above is how you can handle the  Halo Infinite Twitch Drops not working to receive your reward. If it will help you don’t hesitate to drop your comment below and share it. You might also interest to read SOLUTION: COD Vanguard free access not working

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