Malaysia Exam Grading System

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Malaysia Exam Grading System, An exam grading system is a system used to evaluate and assign scores or grades to the performance of individuals who have taken an examination. The grading system can vary depending on the type of exam, the level of education, and the country or institution where the exam is taken.

In general, the exam grading system involves assigning a score or grade to each question or section of the exam, and then calculating a final score or grade based on the total number of points or percentage of correct answers. The score or grade assigned can be numerical, letter-based, or a combination of both.

The purpose of an exam grading system is to provide a standardized method of evaluating the performance of individuals who have taken the exam. This helps to provide a fair and consistent evaluation of their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the subject matter being tested. It also serves as a way to measure and compare the performance of different individuals or groups who have taken the same exam.

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Malaysia Exam Grading System.

Malaysia Exam Grading System
Malaysia Exam Grading System

In Malaysia, the grading system used for examinations varies depending on the level of education and the type of examination.

Primary and secondary education

For primary and secondary education, the most common grading system used is the letter grading system, which ranges from A+ (excellent) to G (fail). Here’s a breakdown of the letter grading system in Malaysia:

  • A+: 90-100 marks
  • A: 80-89 marks
  • A-: 75-79 marks
  • B+: 70-74 marks
  • B: 65-69 marks
  • B-: 60-64 marks
  • C+: 55-59 marks
  • C: 50-54 marks
  • D: 40-49 marks
  • E: 30-39 marks
  • G: 0-29 marks (fail)

Higher education

For higher education, such as diploma and degree courses, a grade point average (GPA) system is used. The GPA is calculated by assigning a numerical value to each letter grade, and then taking an average of all the grades earned. Here’s a breakdown of the GPA system used in Malaysia:

  • A+: 4.00
  • A: 4.00
  • A-: 3.67
  • B+: 3.33
  • B: 3.00
  • B-: 2.67
  • C+: 2.33
  • C: 2.00
  • D: 1.00
  • E: 0.00
  • G: 0.00 (fail)

It’s worth noting that grading systems can vary slightly between institutions, so it’s always best to consult with your school or university to confirm their specific grading system.

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